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Post Jobs With Credits
Why Purchase Multiple Credits Now?
  • Save with the Current Introductory Rate
  • Credits Save You Time
  • Easily Add New Job Posts in the Future

Each Credit is ONLY $49
  • 1 credit ........$49
  • 2 credits ........$98
  • 3 credits ........$147
  • 4 credits ........$196
  • 5 credits ........$245
Purchase as many credits as you'd like
Questions and Answers
What are Credits?
Think of credits as Biodiesel Job's very own currency.
Simply add credits now and posts jobs as you need.

What Are My Job Posting Options?
How Many Credits Do I Need?
The number of credits used will depend on the type of job post you select.
  1. Featured Jobs (logo included) are 3 credits. See Example
  2. Standard Job Post + Logo is 2 credits. See Example
  3. Standard Job Posts are 1 credit. See Example
Do My Credits Expire?
No. Credits don't expire, so purchase as many as you can now and receive the introductory pricing. Sign in to see your credit balance at the top left column of the page.

3 Ways To Post a New Job
Which type of job post you would like

  1. 3 credits each

    Increase your viewability by making your listing a Featured Job. Featured Job listings are populated at the top of the homepage accompanied with your company logo, easily viewed for applicants to find.

  2. 2 credits each

    Make your listing stand out by adding your company logo to it.

  3. 1 credit each

    Standard job post listing